Welcome Back to 6th Grade!

Parents & Students Welcome Back!
As we begin the year there is LOTS of information to read through.  Please be aware of the School Handbook and the 6th Grade Orientation Packet information.  Students should have brought in both signature pages from these packets.  If you have questions please email one of the 6th grade team members.

For Literature: Please have text books covered with a protective 'stretchy' cover or brown paper bag cover.  These books are well used and the better we protect them the longer they last for future students.

LIT LOGS: As we begin the year students will read outside of class.  The lit logs are for the purpose of reading quality books and expanding the independent reading experience.  The directions, due dates and template can all be found under Laura's Links. 


Genre Unit & Lit Logs

Genre Unit
In our genre unit we will cover some of the basic genres: realistic fiction, science fiction, historical fiction, biography, informational, fantasy and autobiography. Our pattern in class will be to introduce the reading selections with some background building. We will have vocabulary and reading skills that accompany each selection. We will read the majority of selelctions together and discuss key points in class. Students will often need to complete the responding questions before the classroom discussion, so these will most likely be homework. Quizzes will follow each selection that assesses vocabulary, comprehension, reading skills and application. Our unit will end with a unit test that will assess genre styles and characteristics, reading comprehension, reading skills and application of those skills.

Students have been assigned a lit log for reading OUTSIDE of the classroom. The lit log consist of reading an approved novel, writing a summary, completing a project to present to the class.
Students have all the due dates for the entire school year in their binders. Parents, you are welcome to read through all the details about lit logs from the hand out give to your child(ren).